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BETZ Ink supply systems

Founded in 1981, Betz Technologies is based in Bavaria, Germany and offers market leading ink supply systems, as well as equipment to handle other fluids such as resins, compounds, lubricants and pastes.
Most customers’ requirements can be met with an extensive range of standard pumps and accessories.
For very special requirements and surroundings, complete systems can be installed that will ensure optimal ergonomics at the workplace as well as increased process safety. This entire system can be continuously expanded and adjusted to growing requirements.

Ink levellers

  • Automatic ink fountain filling
  • Control and monitoring of the ink level
  • As an option order-specific, central ink consumption monitoring via PC

Ink pump systems

  • For drums, hobbocks and rectangular containers
  • Delivery volumes of 113 cm³ – 329 cm³
  • Idling monitoring via alarm system
  • Highly-effective shovel type

Colorpress ink can dispensing system

  • Automatic ink fountain filling from standard 2.5 kg or 1 kg ink cans
  • Optional valve adapter for central ink supply from larger containers
  • Optional ink agitators

Ink agitators

  • For continuous ink agitation throughout the full ink fountain width, especially using UV inks
  • Version PD – pneumatically driven ink agitator with rotary cone
  • Version P – pneumatically driven ink agitator with blades, provided for installation onto the ink filling pipe

Betz Ink agitator (YouTube)

Betz system in action (YouTube)