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ELTOSCH GRAFIX – Hi-Cure and Deep-Cure UV

Eltosch Grafix has almost 50 years of experience in infrared, hot air and ultraviolet drying and curing systems. It is part of the global Hönle group of companies.

Hi-Cure UV Dryer

  • Hi-Cure UV means a saving of around a third in energy, with a corresponding increase in output. Standby power is 25% of the lamp power.
  • High UV-C production guarantees quick, reliable drying.
  • UV colours enable a quicker printing process, higher shine and a range of design possibilities.
  • Cold radiation environment enables the use of heat-sensitive printing substrate
  • UV lamp restart time from 20 seconds to a maximum of 2 minutes under full load.
  • An efficient water cooling system enables energy savings and stable performance and longer lifespan.
  • Space-saving, modular construction
  • Touch screen operation with remote maintenance – even with the machine in operation.
  • Lamps can be changed quickly and easily via plug connection – no tools necessary
  • Sturdy design with practically no expendable parts and an easy-to-maintain structure.
  • Reflector plates and shutters can be replaced separately.
  • An automatic shutter closure function in stand-by mode ensures maximum safety.

Deep-Cure UV Dryer

For most UV inks, UV hardening is a matter of short wavelengths. Examples of exceptions are opaque white or other special colours. Likewise, thick or reflecting ink layers can only dry properly if long-wave radiation is applied.

Deep UV cure modules offer optimum flexibility for this purpose. They have a harmonised reflector geometry, and use Gallium in the UV lamp instead of mercury, which is used in a conventional UV lamp.

  • Improved colour curing due to gallium dotted lamps
  • Good radiation and energy efficiency
  • Ready to install power supply connections
  • Easy to install and replace