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Part of the Hönle group, Eltosch Grafix has long experience in LED-UV technology with  installations worldwide.

LED-UV for sheet-fed offset is a future oriented technology with many advantages:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Long lifetime of the LED’s (typically more than 20.000 hours)
  • Format shut-off to suit the print width
  • Immediate ON/OFF, no start-up time and no stand-by operation, safe interdeck wash and print
  • Low temperature load and therefore no registration problems and low pile temperatures
  • No ozone pollution and no risk of mercury contamination

An LED-UV system typically consists of the following components

  • LED-UV module(s) including installation kit
  • Power supplies for the LED assemblies
  • PLC control with interface to the printing press and touch-screen operation panel
  • Cooling system for the water cooled circuit
  • Connectors for electricity and cooling

Compact and Flexible
Eltosch Grafix LED-UV modules are compact and highly efficient, designed for easy positioning using slide-in technology. Operation at different positions is possible if required.

High Performance
Each module consists of two rows of water-cooled high-performance LED assemblies. An optical system focuses the UV-radiation on the substrate surface whatever the distance. The commonly used wavelengths for sheet-fed offset printing are 385 nm and 395 nm. However, other wavelengths for special applications are available.

Flexible Combinations
The LED-UV configuration and position depends on the printing press and application.  CyanX can provide all necessary LED-UV configurations as well as combinations with LEC (Low Energy Curing) and conventional UV units for the ultimate in flexibility. Our LED-UV systems are available for a wide range of press formats.