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ELTOSCH GRAFIX – Powder spraying and extraction

Eltosch Grafix has almost 60 years of industry expertise in powder spraying. It is part of the global Hönle group of companies.

Powder Spray Unit with HEP (High Efficiency Powder) nozzles

There is no cleaner way to apply powder than with the new PowderMax from Eltosch Grafix. Just screw in the powder bottle and tilt up, determine the powder quantity – and that’s it! Everything else is automatic including adjustments to the paper format and printing speed. Powder types can be quickly changed at any time.

The powder amount is precisely calculated by means of a metering disc and distributed to the nozzles – a process which you can track visually. The result is a particularly smooth powder pattern, outstanding stacking and excellent application efficiency. This saves on powder and reduces dust exposure.

  • The HEP nozzle ensures uniform and more accurate powder application. which minimises powder consumption. Simple cleaning via Twist&Click technology means no need for tools – clean with compressed air and screw back on.
  • The number and positioning of the nozzles is optimised to printing machine requirements.
  • Retrofitting is normally also possible
  • Available in two models: A compact unit with a 0.75 kg bottle size for small formats, and the standard unit with a 1.5 kg bottle size for all formats.


  • Integration to the press console
  • Alarm for additional audio warning when the powder needs to be refilled
  • “Duo” dual filling, metering and supply unit with double-sided sheet dusting
  • “Twin” dual filling and metering unit, for frequent powder type changes
  • Ionised sheet running path
  • Standard nozzles instead of HEP nozzles, for narrow clearance areas

The Digitronic is a classic system for powder spraying technology, even for large powder rates. With two setting options for the metering gap and metering volume, this ensure accurate powder application even for large quantities of powder.

The Megatronic is controlled from the press console and has automatic speed control ensuring the powder flow increases with the press speed. Available with or without the new HEP nozzles depending on the application rate required.

Powder Extraction systems

An Eltosch Grafix powder extraction system improves air quality and removes excess powder and fine dust. Powder extraction systems also reduce wear and dirt build-up.

  • Extraction for a healthy working environment
  • Compact and efficient designs
  • Targeted powder extraction without affecting sheet delivery, thanks to optimised extraction channels and effective extraction
  • Maximum cleanliness combined with minimum outlay
  • Economical and space saving
  • Large fleece inlay filter with rotational cleaning effectively traps even fine dust particles. All extracted air is fed through the filter.
  • Ideal for retrofitting

Delivery Cleaning system
Practical self-cleaning system for the press delivery

  • Powder deposits on the gripper system and other machine components are loosened and become airborne.
  • The airborne deposits are fed to the filter barrier via suction channels and are therefore permanently removed from the sheet delivery area.
  • The automated cleaning process takes place in the same time as any rubber blanket washing process.
  • The Delivery Cleaning System provides extra cleanliness and safety in the sheet delivery area due to regular cleaning intervals. This does not onl,maintain the functional reliability of the gripper bars and conveyor system but safely prevents contamination of the printed sheets from falling deposits.