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FOILTONE Cast and Cure, and Cold Foiling

The Cast & Cure Process

Cast & Cure is a revolutionary technology that allows an etched image to be applied into a UV coating to produce stunning visual effects on the printed sheet.  The process is performed at press speed and in litho register, utilising standard printing plates.

Cast & Cure uses a UV duct varnish applied to the substrate via a litho plate, which releases an image of the film onto the substrate.  The varnish is dried by a UV source, creating a holographic effect. Then the film is delaminated from the surface and rewound for future use. No material is transferred from the film onto the substrate. Also no varnish is transferred to the film. This allows for multiple uses of the film, which acts as an embossing tool to manipulate the surface of the coating on a submicron scale.

Cast & Cure is an environmentally friendly process using UV inks and coatings. It eliminates the harmful VOCs associated with similar processes. It also eliminates the need to use foil board or other metallised substrates which are non-recyclable.

Cast & Cure Production benefits

  • Fast make readies
  • Runs at litho press speeds and litho registration
  • Single pass processing
  • No special operator training

Cast & Cure design benefits

  • Holographic effects
  • Full coverage and spot applications
  • Product branding
  • Anti-counterfeiting applications

Foiltone Cast & Cure systems
The perfect solution for added value print and security

  • Requires a UV capability on the press
  • Fully integrated with press operation
  • Extended version allows full use of machine guards
  • Full installation and training
  • Integrated Roll rotation turret to minimise job changeover time

Cold Foil Systems
The leading retrofit system for ALL makes of press

  • Apply metallic foil inline, at press speeds
  • Retrofit to most machine makes and sizes
  • Run up to 6 individual foil reels
  • Fully integrated with press operation
  • Full installation and training
  • “Web save” foil control system cuts waste

Combination Cold Foil/Cast & Cure systems
Offline solution, for a more flexible way of incorporating both processes

  • Typically installed on two and four-colour offline presses with coating units
  • Can be located on any suitable print, coating or drying unit
  • Cast and cure film path can be adapted to use existing UV light source
  • Retrofit to most machine makes and sizes
  • Run up to 6 individual rolls
  • Fully integrated with press operation
  • Full installation and training
  • Web Save feature and roll rotation turret


Large Format Systems
Can be installed as Cold Foil, Cast & Cure or Combination systems
For use on large format machines up to 162cm

Web Save Technology
Foil saving techniques for the blanket gap and beyond – available on all foiling units from 74cm to 145cm

  • Blanket gap foil wastage is eliminated, to give a minimum saving of around 20%, even on full sheet coverage
  • Touch screen control enabling foil usage to be reduced according to the foiled area
  • Works with full rolls or smaller multi-roll systems.


Demo Video (YouTube)