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Powder Spray Units

CyanX is the sole agent for Grafix powder spray units in the UK and Eire and offers a complete sales and support package for both new and used equipment.

In powder spraying technology, Grafix has been world champion for decades. Despite the success of the vibration metering systems, we are revolutionizing the market with the unique disc metering system. And both techniques have their advantages: The vibration convinces also when using dusts such as talcum or stearates which are used particularly in industrial plants. On the other hand, for the broad bandwidth of printing tasks, the future of powder metering lies with the disc due to the fast powder type change, the visual control of the powder flow and the longer service intervals. Disc metering is service and maintenance-friendly with just one Allen key and with simple powder hose installation.

The Digitronic is a classic system for powder spraying technology, even for large powder rates. With the two setting factors of metering gap and metering volume, application windows with specific metering levels are possible. Variable hopper sizes also allow exceptionally large volumes of powder – a particularly important aspect for industrial applications. An adaptation to the machine speed and format ensure a clean and uniform powder application.

The Megatronic with speed compensation impresses with the optimized powder application. By contrast with the Digitronic, the nozzle pipe contains the HEP nozzles with twist & click. The nozzles can be removed for cleaning just by hand, without the use of any tools. A simple twist and “click”. The offset nozzles ensure steady passage of the sheet under the nozzle pipe.

The PowderMax scores with an innovative disc metering system:
Reliable with every powder bottle.
The new technology impresses with simple handling and exact adjustability.
The change is quick and easy with the Clean Filling System (CFS) – with maximum cleanliness. Further benefits such as the self-explanatory touchscreen display and the high maintenance-friendliness make the PowderMax the system of choice, even for the fastest printing presses. The powder is applied with HEP nozzles, matched to the sheet format and printing speed. The result is a particularly uniform powder application. The PowderMax processes even the smallest amounts of powder of the visible metering disc with the highest precision. The powder is thereby clearly visible, thanks to the integral LED lighting. The powder is drawn in, optimally distributed and applied efficiently to the printed sheet by means of HEP nozzles.