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PRINT CONCEPT UV systems for rotary and flexo

PrintConcept UV, a member of the Hönle group, specialises in UV drying systems for Rotary Offset and Flexo Printing.

PrintConcept UV- features

A compact design, high performance and versatility make PrintConcept UV the ideal choice for every web application with a simple retrofit to existing presses. More than 600 printing presses throughout the World have PrintConcept high-tech UV curing systems, with UV lamp modules up to 2,600mm in length.

air cooled UV curing system

  • Patented geometry of reflectors for high UV output
  • High energy efficiency
  • Low energy consumption
  • Patented cassette system
  • For narrow web and label printing

Compact air cooled UV curing system

  • Compact UV lamp for special applications
  • For narrow web and label printing

Water cooled UV curing system

  • Patented water cooling
  • Symmetric water flow in alu profiles, reflectors and heat sink
  • Low substrate temperature
  • Long life of UV lamps
  • For all rotative applications with web widths from 450 up to 2.800 mm

PrintConcept UV-System PC1A + PC2W (PDF)

High speed Nitrogen Inertisation Systems

PrintConcept UV are the experts for web applications with the addition of Nitrogen Inertisation systems.

The latest generation of high speed Inertisation systems are unique by utilising a flat inert chamber and precise measuring techniques. These features minimise the amount of photo initiators and reduce migration, a great advantage especially when producing packaging. Advantages of nitrogen inertisation include excellent and fast curing, higher resistance, full through-curing and no post-curing, less photoinitiator, no ozone, less smell, migration and yellowing, plus easy retrofitting.

Nitrogen purged UV curing system

  • Extremely low nitrogen consumption
  • Regular distribution of nitrogen in the inert chamber
  • Height adjustable inlet
  • Up to 450 m/min with only 50 ppm
  • Compact inert chamber
  • Automatic nitrogen regulation
  • Reduction of nitrogen during standby

Flyer PrintConcept UV-Inert (PDF)