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Spare Parts

As the sole agent for Grafix, Ikeuchi and Rachner in the UK & Eire CyanX we supply ALL spare parts for Grafix, Ikeuchi and Rachner equipment. Many items are available from stock and our engineers carry the most common spare parts with them to minimise downtime.

Examples of supported equipment are:

Grafix Powder spray units:
Alphatronic, Betatronic, Cantronic, Digital, Digitronic, Duo, Ecotronic, Exactamat, Exatronic, Hitronic, Junior, Megatronic, PowderStar & PowderMax.

Grafix Dryers:
G52C, G52S, G55K, G55S, G65S, G66K, G66S, G66SL, GSTA & GSTC.

Grafix Powder recovery systems:
P-ABS 4101, P-ABS 4102 P-ABS 4104 & P-ABS 6002.

Contemp water circulation systems

Ikeuchi Humidification systems:
AirAKI® DRYFog, AKIMist®”D”, AKIMist®”E”, Jolly Fog 18, Jolly Fog 50/100, Lyohmer®

Rachner (formerly Manfred Rachner) Pile turners:
R800, RD800, R1000, RD1000, F1000, RD1800, F1800, F1815 & F1820

Pile lifters:
RSL50, RSL 70, RSL 120 & RSL 120

PSP 18, PSP 25 & PSP 36