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Green Skin ICP Film

CyanX is the European main dealer for Green Skin anti-marking films

The ICP-S Anti-Marking Film (Green) material is a triple coated high performance anti-marking film that provides long life and the lowest maintenance of all the anti-marking films we offer. This material uses uniform diameter, silicon coated glass beads in a dense matrix that greatly enhances the ink repelling properties. The silicone coated glass beads are sealed to the surface of the film using multiple layers of an oil and ink resistant adhesive with a primer and a silicon top coating. This manufacturing process provides a higher ink repellent surface that helps eliminate sheet marking and is easy to clean. The surface of this product can usually be cleaned with a clean non-linting cloth using a water-soluble type solvent – CyanX recommend Frog Wash for this purpose.


  • Plain non-adhesive film
  • Self-adhesive film
  • Small bead
  • Large bead
  • Anti-Static top coating to help reduce or eliminate friction and static electricity build up.
  • Custom cut sheets
  • 1050mm x 50m rolls
  • 1050mm x 10m rolls

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