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eco-seal™ aqueous coatings

eco-sealmailing solutions using aqueous coating

With direct mail gaining in popularity over web mail, we can offer you new possibilities and opportunities for direct mail, marketing and promotions. Be it the traditional “long” run blanket mailer or the current trend of “short to medium” run personalised targeted mailer eco-sealwill give you and your clients something different.

The eco-sealapplication

New to the UK and Europe. The unique eco-sealapplication was created and developed some years ago and is now used in Billions of mailing articles a year. Overseas, it is estimated 20% of all articles delivered through the letterbox are produced this way. The secret is in the special aqueous coating which has properties to make amazing mailers possible.

Not only is the eco-sealapplication unique, it is interactive, memorable and fun.

What makes the eco-sealapplication truly outstanding is that once peeled it cannot be re-sealed. Just like an envelope it is tamper evident.

The eco-sealapplication gives you maximum impact and by doing away with the need for an envelope, your message is front, centre and gains immediate attention. This unique and exciting article is proven to have a higher response rate than any other type of standard mailer.

Simple, making miss-matched addresses to envelope windows a thing of the past, and cheap to post eco-sealqualifies for postcard rates which coupled with the lack of inserting requirements offers significant savings over traditional direct mail mailshots. Why not negotiate your own rate with your chosen distribution partner.

The eco-sealaqueous coating requires no special equipment. You run the sheets through a sheet-fed press with coater, ideally, using a 13cm³/m² anilox roller. The IR/Hot Air settings on the dryer remain the same as with any other aqueous coating and a small amount of anti-set off powder to aid “slip”. Once cut to size this is put on the folder like any other job, we do however recommend that extra pressure is applied to the rollers to assist the sealing process.

No coater – no problem! There are a wide range of off-line coaters available from different manufacturers but they can become expensive. If cost is an issue you can always talk to your local finishing house or call us to put you in contact with someone who can help.


What are the possibilities and opportunities?

Direct Mail                                                     Magazine Inserts

Marketing                                                      Brochures

Promotions                                                    Personalisation

Invitations                                                      Letterbox Drops

Hand-outs                                                     Advertising

Memberships                                                Product Leaflets


Go green with eco-seal™ aqueous coating

  • No costly UV drying processes required
  • Mailers can be re-cycled
  • No envelopes
  • No inserts – get the message across in one piece
  • Reduce Postal costs