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A+B System Cleaner

Product Features:

  • Acid & alkaline cleaning system
  • Uses dirty water in tanks
  • Uses cold water
  • Easy to use
  • Brings system back to acid system

Product overview:

Fountain Solution should be consistent at all times. If a build-up of ink, paper coatings or calcium occurs, then the pH and conductivity of the fountain solution will start to change, leading to dampening related problems. System Cleaner is designed to clean and remove ink, paper coatings, mould and calcium from the press circulating system. This ensures consistent quality and longer life of the fountain solution.


  • Cleans the entire circulation system including hoses
  • No listed hazardous materials
  • No need to drain dirty fountain solution
  • Easy to use, entire cleaning procedure takes about 45 minutes
  • No hot water required
  • Eliminates the need to dismantle in order to clean system
  • Helps to keep fountain solution consistent
  • Step “A” loosens debris and emulsifies ink residues
  • Step “B” shocks and re-acidifies the system, reducing the possibility of contamination of the fresh fount with cleaning solution

Product application:

The normal recommended dosage is 5% per litre of water in the circulation tank. First add “A” to the dirty fountain solution, allow to circulate for about 30 minutes, Then add “B” to the dirty water and allow to circulate for about 10 minutes, drain dirty water. Flush and rinse with clean water.

Once the circulation tank has been adequately flushed, measure out fresh fountain solution and resume printing.

Product data:

Appearance: Liquid
Colour: Clear
Odour: No particular odour
Solubility: Completely soluble in water
Boiling point: 100°C
Relative density: 1.01 @ 20°C
VOC: 0 g/L
pH concentrate: A : 10.3 – B : 1.1
Flash point: No flash