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Blast Roller Maintenance

Product Features:

  • Rejuvenates rollers & blankets
  • Deep cleans rollers
  • Lubricates blanket
  • Removes paper lint
  • Removes roller glazes

Product overview:

With just one wipe of Blast, ink, gum glaze, friction paste, paper coating, and lint are removed, all while leaching plasticising agents back into the blankets and rollers for a longer more effective life. Blast is an extremely powerful water miscible wash, which contains plasticising agents. This allows the printer to make quick colour changes from black to yellow with just one wash, Use it for deep cleaning or to allow the plasticisers to add life and resiliency to the rollers and blankets.


  • Allow for quick colour changes (from black to yellow) with just one wash.
  • Plasticisers will condition rollers and blankets, extending their life. After washing rollers or blankets, the difference can actually be felt by hand. Will not leave a greasy residue on blankets and rollers
  • With one wash ink, paper lint, paper coatings, gum glaze, friction glaze, are removed from rollers and blankets
  • Use as a last wash at the end of the day to condition rollers and blankets for use the next day

Product application:

As a roller wash: Use Blast neat on rollers. Let Blast work in as with a normal roller wash

As a blanket wash: Pour a liberal amount onto a clean shop towel, wipe over the entire blanket in a side-to-side motion, allowing the plasticisers time to condition the blanket. Take a clean shop towel and wipe the blanket down with water.

Product data:

Appearance: Clear Liquid
Colour: Brown
Odour: Hydrocarbon
Solubility: Miscible in wate
Boiling point: 102°C
Relative density: 0.86 @ 20°C
VOC: 755 g/L
pH concentrate: 9.2
Flash point: 46°C