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Dynaklean Roller Cleaner & Conditioner

Product Features:

  • Powerful, yet conditions the rollers
  • Quickly lifts and removes ink
  • Contains plasticisers to condition the ink rollers
  • Very little needed to clean the inking roller train
  • Deep, not just surface cleaning
  • Excellent for quick colour changes

Product overview:

Dynaklean is a white liquid used for deep cleaning of inking rollers. When used regularly Dynaklean removes deep ground in ink, gum glaze, friction glaze, paper coatings, and surfactant deposits on the inking rollers. These contaminants cause glaze, uneven ink transfer and premature roller hardening. Eliminates the need for harsh glaze removers. Completely removes pigment from the rollers.

Product application:

Remove ink from rollers using a normal roller wash. Apply Dynaklean across the top of the roller train. Leave to work into the rollers for a few minutes, if necessary add more Dynaklean to the top inking roller, to allow the liquid to transit down to the wash-up blade. After a few minutes rinse rollers with water and allow to dry. Dynaklean should be used for quick changes. If required to change from dark to light ink, or varnish, use as recommended above. For presses measuring up to 28″ wide, use Dynaklean as a first step and water as a second step.

Product data:

Appearance: Thick liquid
Colour: White
Odour: Orange odour
Solubility: Soluble in water
Boiling point: 100°C
Relative density: O.80@20°C
VOC: 96 g/L pH
Concentrate: Alkaline
Flash point: No flash