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Relief Calcium Remover

Product features:

  • Will eliminate all calcium from inking and dampening rollers.
  • Economic to use.
  • Will help keep rubber rollers in optimum condition.
  • Will help to increase productivity.
  • Will not affect the rubber rollers, the chemicals will only interact with the calcium.
  • Harmless to operators.
  • Within 5 minutes the operators can see the calcium being eliminated from the rubber rollers.

Product overview:

Relief Calcium Remover is a unique product, which will completely eliminate calcium from your inking and dampening rollers. Relief is quick acting and very easy to use. When you compare Relief Calcium Remover to other calcium removers in the market you will observe that Relief will eliminate calcium faster and more effectively. Relief should be used regularly in connection with the normal roller maintenance program being used, in order to keep dampening and inking rollers in optimum condition.

Recommendations for use:

First clean the inking and dampening rollers with your normal roller wash or MRC88, to remove any ink from the surface of the rubber rollers. Second use a roller paste or our Dynaklean to remove ingrained ink from the inking rollers. Then add a sufficient amount of Relief to the top inking roller, let Relief work in for about 3-5 minutes, add more Relief to keep all rollers moist. After about 3 minutes a white foam will start to show, this is the calcium being removed from the rubber rollers. After 5 minutes add water to the top inking roller, connect the wash-up blade, and you will now observe a thick white sludge being scraped off, by the wash-up blade, this is the calcium which has been removed from the rubber rollers, add more water to the top inking roller, in order to completely wash off the calcium from the surface of the rollers. If the calcium problem is serious, repeat the treatment until all calcium has been removed, normally one treatment is sufficient. Relief should be used every time normal roller maintenance is performed, and more frequently in hard water areas.

Physical and chemical properties:

Appearance: Liquid
Colour: Yellow
Odour: No particular odour
Solubility: Completely soluble in water
Boiling point: 100°C
Relative density: 1.00 @ 20°C
VOC: 29 g/L
pH concentrate: 1.3
Flash point: No flas

  • Relief Calcium Remover

    Relief Calcium Remover