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Recommendations for the deep cleaning and rejuvenation of rollers.

In co-operation with ABC Allied Chemicals CyanX is able to offer a set of roller cleaning products to help keep you rollers in optimal condition. Using the three products Relief, Dynaklean and Blast a deep clean of your rollers can be achieved with minimal downtime and is ideal in preparation for a move to alcohol free damping.

Step 1

Clean with Relief Calcium Remover

Relief Calcium Remover is a unique product, which will completely eliminate calcium from your inking and dampening rollers. Relief is quick acting and very easy to use. When you compare Relief Calcium Remover to other calcium removers in the market you will observe that Relief will eliminate calcium faster and more effectively. Relief should be used regularly in conjunction with your normal roller maintenance program to keep dampening and inking rollers in optimum condition.


  • Will eliminate all calcium from inking and dampening rollers
  • Economic to use
  • Will help keep rubber rollers in optimum condition
  • Will help to increase productivity
  • Will not affect the rubber rollers, the chemicals only interact with the calcium
  • Harmless to operators
  • Within 5 minutes the operators can see the calcium being eliminated from the rubber rollers

Recommendations for use:

First clean the inking and dampening rollers with your normal roller wash, or MRC88, to remove any ink from the surface of the rubber rollers.

Second use a roller paste, or our Dynaklean, to remove ingrained ink from the inking rollers. Then add a sufficient amount of Relief to the top inking roller, let Relief work in for about 3-5 minutes, add more Relief to keep all rollers moist. After about 3 minutes a white foam will start to show, this is the calcium being removed from the rubber rollers. After 5 minutes add water to the top inking roller, connect the wash-up blade, and you will now observe a thick white sludge being scraped off by the wash-up blade, this is the calcium which has been removed from the rubber rollers, add more water to the top inking roller in order to completely wash off the calcium from the surface of the rollers. If the calcium problem is serious, repeat the treatment until all calcium has been removed, normally one treatment is sufficient. Relief should be used every time normal roller maintenance is performed, and probably more frequently in hard water areas.

Step 2

Clean with Dynaklean Roller Cleaner and Conditioner

Dynaklean is a white liquid used for deep cleaning of inking rollers.

When used regularly Dynaklean removes deep ground-in ink, gum glaze, friction glaze, paper coatings, and surfactant deposits on the inking rollers. These contaminants cause glaze, uneven ink transfer and premature roller hardening. Eliminates the need for harsh glaze removers. Completely removes pigment from the rollers.


  • Powerful, yet conditions the rollers
  • Very little needed to clean the inking roller train
  • Quickly lifts and removes ink
  • Deep, not just surface cleaning
  • Contains plasticisers to condition the ink rollers
  • Excellent for quick colour changes

Recommendations for use:

Remove ink from rollers using a normal roller wash and apply Dynaklean across the top of the roller train. Leave to work into the rollers for a few minutes; if necessary add more Dynaklean to the top inking roller to allow the liquid to transit down to the washup blade. After a few minutes rinse the rollers with water and allow to
dry. Dynaklean should be used for quick colour changes.

Step 3

Clean with Blast

With just one wipe of Blast, ink, gum glaze, friction paste, paper coating, and lint are removed, all the while leaching plasticising agents back into the blankets and rollers for a longer more effective life.

Blast is an extremely powerful water miscible wash which contains plasticising agents. This allows the printer to make quick colour changes from black to yellow with just one wash. Use it for deep cleaning or to allow the plasticisers to add life and resiliency to the rollers and blankets.


  • Allow for quick colour changes (from black to yellow) with just one wash
  • Plasticisers will condition rollers and blankets, extending their life. After washing rollers or blankets, the difference can actually be felt by hand. Will not leave a greasy residue on blankets and rollers
  • With one wash ink, paper lint, paper coatings, gum glaze, friction glaze, are removed from rollers and blankets
  • Use as a last wash at the end of the day to condition rollers and blankets for use the next day

Recommendations for use:

As a roller wash: Use Blast neat on rollers. Let Blast work in as with a normal roller wash
As a blanket wash: Pour a liberal amount onto a clean shop towel, wipe over the entire blanket in a side-to-side motion, allowing the plasticisers time to condition the blanket. Take a clean shop towel
and wipe the blanket down with water.