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Smash Blanket Repair

Smash Blanket Repair

Product Features:

  • Economic to use as only affected area needs application
  • Can finish jobs without press stops to change blankets
  • Easy brush application onto blankets

Product overview:

Smash is applied to the rubber surface of offset printing blankets to affect a temporary repair of low spots and indentations.

Smash contains a swelling agent which, when applied to the face of the blanket in the damaged areas, will cause the surface to return to its original level, enabling the printer to finish his shift or complete a job without having to lift or change blankets. Smash will not damage the printing surface but it will not repair cuts or any damage where the surface rubber has been destroyed.

Product application:

Identify and clean the low spot on the blanket. Apply Smash to this area with the brush applicator in the tin cap. Leave Smash on the blanket for approximately 5-10 seconds, and then wipe off with a dry cloth. If the swelling recovery is insufficient, repeat the process until the swelling recovery is sufficient to resume printing. After treatment wipe off any residue with water, to avoid any damage to the printing plate.

Product data:

Appearance: Thick liquid
Colour: Clear
Odour: Strong methyl chloride odour
Solubility: Not soluble in water
Boiling point: 39.8°C
Relative density: 1.322@20°C
VOC: 16 g/L pH
Concentrate: N/A
Flash point(C): No flash