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Ionix Anti-Static Filters

Ionix Static Eliminators

CyanX is the main European dealer for Ionix products.
Ionix static eliminators filters offer reliable, safe, automatic performance in ANY air fed machine – presses, folders, die cutters, laminators, collators or binders.

The Ionix requires no electricity or maintenance. Simply install the unit in-line with the supply airline and forget about it. The Ionix works automatically whenever air passes through it. The unit contains no hazardous components and is easy to install.

Press spray powder systems
Ionix reduces spray powder usage while improving coverage. When compressed air blows into the spray powder, it circulates the spray powder which creates static. These static charges cause the powder to attract to itself and not to spread lightly or smoothly. This charged spray powder is also attracted to the metal surfaces of the grounded press causing the powder to coat the press. Ionix installed in the spray powder unit prevents the build-up of static in the powder which reduces powder usage, provides a more even coating and keeps the press cleaner.

Print machinery installations (Sheet fed presses, folders, die cutters, laminators, etc)
If you are experiencing doubles or mis-feeds, especially with low grammage stocks the problem is most likely static in the paper. Ionix installed in the main feeder line will eliminate that problem.
If you are experiencing difficulties feeding plastic in your press, you can eliminate the problem by installing TWICE the recommended Ionix in the main feeder airline.

Ionix is proven technology with over 25,000 installations at printers worldwide!

Ionix Static Eliminators – Technical detail (Word doc)