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A comprehensive range of press room filters designed to save you money without compromising performance;

Filter Bags;

Designed & manufactured with performance in mind. Our history of providing water treatment to the print & medical industry means that you can rest assured that even under high pressure, the smallest particles of dirt are filtered from your dampening solution unit.
Suitable for Grafix, Contemp, Technotrans & Baldwin units commonly found on Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, manroland, Mitsubishi, Ryobi, Sakurai & Shinohara presses.

Filter Pads;

Available in any size, although we have precision cut pads available and in stock for the most common sized water tank, please call to discuss which option is best for you.

R.O. Filters;

Breathe new life into underperforming R.O. Units with CyanX R.O. water filters.

X-tract ink absorption pads;

simply place the pad in the fount solution tank to minimise emulsified ink.
Using the filter reduces the requirement to deep clean your system, and helps to prevent print problems.
• Removes emulsified ink
• Keeps the fountain solution in your water circulator free of solvents and impurities
• Durable mesh cover allows for thick oil based liquids like soybean, vegetable and fuel oils to be absorbed
• White absorbent material lets you monitor the amount of liquid the pillow is absorbing
• Floats even when saturated, allowing for easy replacement

Heidelberg cabinet filters;

Direct replacements of the cabinet filters a pleated filter with a cardboard frame.

CyanX Pro-Essentials