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IKEUCHI – Humidification systems


CyanX is the sole agent for Ikeuchi humidification systems in the UK & Eire offering sales, support and spare parts for the full range of Ikeuchi equipment.

(Dry fog) System — low pressure system

AKIMist ”E” is the most compact fully contained humidification head on the market. as

  • 2 types of nozzle available depending on application — 7.5µm or 12 µm
  • Humidification head with between 1 and 4 interchangeable pairs of quick release nozzles per unit
  • Full pressroom or “Spot” Humidification applications available
  • High performance — Low maintenance

The AKIMist “E” dry fog system is a non-wetting humidification system available either as a complete pressroom solution requiring only compressed air (between 2 & 5 bar) and water (at a mains pressure of around 1 bar) supplies. An alternative “stand alone” system is also available for spot humidification applications such as adjacent to an area particularly susceptible to static issues.

A compact system that’s easily installed only needing a head height of between 2 & 3 meters to provide a dry humidification solution. Each spray head houses between 1 and 4 pairs of nozzles which, through their alignment, atomises and shears the water droplets which are then further atomised by 3.3″‘4lVlHz ultrasonic action.>The result is an extremely fine droplet size (less than 10pm) and dissipation is remarkably fast.

The compact nature of the system lends itself to applications where ”spot” humidification can be applied to troublesome areas, rather than humidifying the whole pressroom, e.g. feeder/ delivery of the press or folding equipment in the finishing area. For this type of application a compact free standing unit is available.

High pressure system

High pressure systems are also available and we would welcome your enquiry.


Ikeuchi Dry Fog Humidification at Asahi Printec (YouTube)

Latest UK installaton in a gravure print room (YouTube)