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Green Frog™

CyanX is the European main dealer for Green Frog™ anti-marking jackets.

Green Frog™ anti-marking Jackets utilise the original manufacturers clamping systems on the transfer and delivery positions and easily replace existing factory (and other aftermarket) products. They utilise specially formulated solvent resistant elastic materials, and like for like press attachments, which allow for easy installation.

They fit quickly to the transfer and delivery positions of most Heidelberg® press models along with selected models from other manufacturers. The patented silicone glass bead technology incorporates a solvent resistant backing which reduces problems with kinks and has excellent recovery under the most intense stresses. The surface material is a high performance anti-marking film that provides long life and the lowest maintenance. Uniform diameter, silicone coated microscopic glass beads are used in a dense matrix that greatly enhances the ink repelling properties. The manufacturing process provides an ink repellent surface that helps eliminate sheet marking and makes cleaning easier when carried out on a regular basis. We recommend using Frog Wash to maintain the surface structure and anti-marking qualities.

Press Availability;
Hamada 234
Hamada 452
Heidelberg 46 (GTO 46)
Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 (GTO 52)
Heidelberg MO – 65
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM72
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102 (old / new models)
Mitsubishi D300R
Ryobi 3302

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