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CyanX is the master dealer for KSL spray powder stocking the full range of 27 different spray powders in a variety of packages.

The KSL range comprises:

  • K4-10μm, 15μm, 20μm, 30μm & 45μm calcium based powder.
  • K4 Plus-15μm, 20μm, 30μm & 45μm surface treated calcium based powder.
  • S5-15μm, 16μm, 20μm, 22μm, 30μm & 45μm starch based powder
  • S5-16μm & 22μm optimised starch based powder.
  • S5WL-15μm, 16μm, 20μm, 22μm, 30μm & 45μm hydrophobic starch based powder.
  • S5WL-16μm & 22μm optimised hydrophobic starch based powder.
  • L3-15μm, 20μm, 30μm & 45μm sugar based powder.

The KSL advantage

Anti-set off spray powders work as a spacer between the freshly printed sheets in the stack. That space prevents the ink setting-off on the reverse side of the printed substrate and enables fast and complete drying of the ink.

An essential property of an anti-set off spray powder is the structure and evenness of the particle size with an anti-set off spray powder of superior quality being free of fine particles, agglomerates or impurities.

Poor quality powders cannot fulfil their function as spacers due to the unevenness of their particle size. Most of these miss-sized particles will lay inactive on the printed sheets, on and around the equipment and polluting the printing plant.

All 27 different KSL powders are well fractioned, quality, highly effective powders that offer a more economical option allowing you to turn down your spray unit settings.

For these reason KSL is unquestionably the most reliable powder and recommended by CyanX Ltd and our powder spray technicians.